Malleswaram Sahaaya (Help) is an easy and user friendly citizen centric Service interface.
Sahaaya helps citizens voice their grievance to the concerned departments for further action.
Sahaaya helps citizens monitor the status of a complaint /request.
Sahaaya provides transparency in the entire process.
Malleswaram Sahaaya helps the citizen in placing a request or complaint and monitors the progress of the complaint.

Have you ever had difficulty in how and whom to call or approach for a specific problem or grievance?

Have you ever visited several offices to get a simple problem resolved?

Have you ever called to complain about a problem only to realise that the called number is not the concerned department or person?

Would you like to make a request with a simple easy to use form with the convenience of the internet or a mobile or a telephone?

Would you like to avail anytime, anywhere convenience?

Place a complaint of a non emergency matter.

View a similar complaint in your area or locality.

Take a look at the various problems/ requests you can make.

Add a new request /problem.

Use various online Citizen Services of the departments in Bangalore.


  • Location of problem on Map.
  • Ability to search for a similar complaint in the area/location and support the problem so that it attains a higher priority.
  • Monitor the progress by citizens and department official as well as department head.
  • Ability to place a private complaint.
  • Transparency in the entire process.
  • One stop and easy to use.
  • Flexibility and ease of use.
  • Any time anywhere service.
  • Voice your opinion
  • Mobile app for compliant handling.
  • Various informative reports and Dashboard

Currently departments within .


BWSSB can be availed

Coming Soon


Law enforcement

Food and civil services

Health care

ID Cards such as Aadhar, Voter Identification, Ration Card, PAN etc.

List of common complaints the various departments handle within Bangalore.  To add additional compliant to the list please use the feedback form.

Click here to view list of Complaints

A complaint or a request is placed using one of several methods:

  • Online
  • Telephone call
  • Visit to citizen centre

A complaint or request has a status of

Complaint received.

Depending on the complaint and the department it is routed to the appropriate department and the department coordinator /head assigns the task to the appropriate agent. Any complaints which are trivial in nature is rejected

The status is now changed to

Complaint accepted or rejected.

An accepted complaint is taken by the assigned agent and the process of resolution of the complaint is taken up. The status is changed to

In Progress.

The concerned agent works on the resolution and the complaint is either closed or referred to a higher official for escalation and resolution.

Status is changed to


The concerned department attends to the request and resolves the problem. The status is changed to resolved.

Closed (on completion).

The citizen is notified of the resolved problem and the status remains as resolved. The complainant is given three days to close the complaint if satisfied or if it is not resoved to their satisfaction the complainant has the option to reopen a resolved  complaint.

Steps to follow


  • Register and create an account as a new user.

  • Login to the system using your user Id and Password

  • View a previously placed complaint to see if a similar compliant has already been placed.
  • Search, by Zone, Ward, Department and Complaint type

  • Support a previously placed complaint to increase the priority level of the complaint

  • For a new complaint click on  New complaint link on the top navigation bar


  • Fill in the details as requested.
  • Select location on Map if you would like to give exact location from the map.
  • Upload photograph to support the request
  • and submit

An email will be sent to the complainant upon successful submission and through each status change for the complaint.