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About Malleshwaram Sahaaya

  • Malleshwaram Sahaaya (Help) is a easy and user friendly citizen centric Service interface.
  • Sahaaya helps citizens voice their grievance to the concerned departments for further   action.
  • Sahaaya helps citizens monitor the status of a complaint/request.
  • Sahaaya provides transparency in the entire process.
  • Malleshwaram Sahaaya helps the citizen in placing a request or complaint and monitors the progress of the complaint.

Why Malleshwaram Sahaaya ?

  • Have you ever had difficulty in how and whom to call or approach for a specific   problem or grievance?
  • Have you ever visited several offices to get a simple problem resolved?
  • Have you ever called to complain about a problem only to realise that the called   number is not the concerned department or person?
  • Would you like to make a request with a simple easy to use form with the convenience    of the internet or a mobile or a telephone.
  • Would you like to avail anytime, anywhere convenience? Then you have Malleshwaram   Sahaaya.